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Useful tips for Facebook user

04/12/2017, 01:13

On Facebook, you can manage information sharing with people easily so that the information is limited in sharing as you want, avoid nuisance later. Let’s find some useful facebook tips in following options.
Hide specific photo albums and posts
If you have a photo album that you do not want people to see, but do not want to delete them completely, you can hide them so that only you can see them on Facebook. This is similar to the events of your life, whether it is a change of relationship, new job or whatever.

Just pay attention to the small gray icon next to a photo album or article. If the icon displayed is two small people next to each other means that the content can be seen by your friend, the globe has a public meaning, and the locks mean that only you can see it.

Make a list of separate groups of friends, like classmates, colleagues …

Specifying groups in your friends list can be helpful for you to filter what people are saying in your News Feed. For example, you might want to see all the things that people from your hometown share, or friends from the university.
Facebook creates a list of friends by default based on the general link, whether it’s the same country, school … On Facebook’s desktop site, you can view all your friends’ lists. from https://www.facebook...bookmarks/listsand add objects to it. This creates special target groups on Facebook.

View individual profiles as non-friends

This is a useful feature where you can see the content on the personal page displayed in the view of others, including personal friends that you may have hidden certain information in the past.
When you log into Facebook on the desktop site, go to your profile page, click the three dots, and then select View as …

Continue reading: http://howtoget.wiki/facebook/page/2/

TOP 15 free online movie websites (part 3)

29/11/2017, 05:38

This article is the last past of the series of TOP 15 free online movie website. You will do not want to spend money for charged movie sites if you visit these following websites.
Visit Retrovision is a free movies online site and you’ll be covered by a ton of adventure, comedy, crime, drama, horror, science fiction, Western, war, and film noir movies that obviously are all free.
Besides having free online movies, Retrovision also has some of your favorite classic TV shows for you. It includes Bonanza, Beverly Hillbillies, Burns and Allen, Dick Van Dyke, Gang Busters and One Step Beyond.
You can watch more classic movies at MovieZoot, where the movies are categorized in genres , such as Martial Arts, Western, Musicals, Romance, Sci-Fi, Comedy, and Horror, among others.
MovieZoot has a powerful search tool that helps you finding movies by their genre, star, and/or director.
Free Movies Cinema
Free Movies Cinema has a collection of independent and public domain movies in categories likes Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Fantasy, and Documentary.
You can watch the free online movies by using their viewer, you can play the movie, view related movies, and share the movie over email by these function.
For more information, you access by link after: http://howtoget.wiki...ebsites-part-3/


Hotmail login, Hotmail sign in, Hotmail sign up – www.Hotmail.com

27/11/2017, 05:23

What is Hotmail?
Hotmail is a one of the most popular free online email services, provided by Microsoft. Hotmail is a Web mail service and users can login it from all Web browser as IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox… anywhere in the world. Hotmail started by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in 1995. In 1997 December Hotmail was later acquired by Microsoft.
Hotmail and outlook:
As of February 2013, Microsoft accounts have been upgraded to the new Outlook interface. Moving 300 million active Hotmail accounts to Outlook.com is a difficult business case because the company has to protect more than 150 million gigabytes of data, including email, calendar, contacts, directory and personal preferences.
Hotmail accounts are login at http://login.live.com/.
To create a Hotmail account, click at link: https://signup.live.com/.
How to create Hotmail – Hotmail sign up:
Step 1: Create account
Then you will choose your language, time zone=> Make it yours with over 50 themes and display options=>Add you signature.


Gather all your Hotmail, Gmail accounts on Windows

23/11/2017, 00:12

It’s difficult to sign in Hotmail, Gmail to check all your email in each mailbox. Just a few simple steps, you can “gather” many common email accounts as Hotmail, Gmail into a email app on Windows.
Nowadays, the number of computer users owning two email accounts is increasing. Centralized management of these accounts on a single eMail Client application is something that many users are interested in.
During the development of the Windows operating system, Microsoft has allowed users to add various mail accounts to their integrated Mail client.
What’s special here is that you can easily add popular mail accounts. Such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, HotMail, AOL Mail to the Microsoft Mail application. And it is very simple follow the steps below.
Firstly, from the Start Screen screen interface, click the Mail icon to activate this application.
And you must be logged in with your Microsoft account to be able to use this Mail application.
If you do not have an account, you can also sign up. You sign up it by clicking the Sign up for a Microsoft account link and following the on-screen instructions.
You click the name of the corresponding mail service to add a new mail account.
Next, fill in the login information of the mail service you use and then click the Connect button is complete.
If you have completed the login , you will see  the list of mail accounts that you just added.
To remove a mail account from this application, you also select “Settings> Accounts”, click the name of the mail account to delete.
Then scroll down to the bottom and click the Remove Account button.
Of course, you can add other mail clients that Microsoft does not support. You must selecting the Others option (in the step “Settings> Account> Add an Accounts” above).
However, you will need to provide more detailed information such as the server address and port of this email service.
It should be noted that with this option, the mail server that you use must support the IMAP protocol.


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