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Urwerk Watch Replica 106 collection UR-106 Lotus

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Rich Mille's novelty


Richard Mille collaborated using Airbus Business Jet (ACJ) to demonstrate an automatic ultra-thin 8. 75mm timepiece and a pair of new RM 011 declination angles. breitling cockpit b50 orbiter vb50106a1o1s1




At first glance, seems as though the window design of a Airbus business jet...


Movement RM50-02: guide book winding tourbillon movement having hours, minutes, seconds wathe and running seconds, 60-minute totalizer, power reserve, torque and performance indicator

Dimensions: 60. 10 x42. 70 x16. 50mm


Reserve of power

About 70 time (± 10%), displayed being a number near 11 o'clock.


Skeletonized ti matrix


The actual baseplate has been made of class 5 titanium, which is a biocompatible, highly corrosion-resistant and very challenging alloy that allows easy functioning of the gear train.


The alloy is actually 90% grade 5 ti, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. This combination further boosts its mechanical properties, which often explains its frequent used in the aerospace, aviation as well as automotive industries. richard mille rm011 le mans classic green


The bottom menu of the RM50-02 movement will be optimized to achieve an extremely excessive weight / resistance proportion.


Bridge created from grade 5 titanium and also stainless steel


The particular bridge of the RM50-02 activity is made of grade 5 ti alloy. In order to make the mobility have a greater depth, a number of bridges are made of stainless steel and still have a golden appearance soon after being coated with jet.


Secondary divide mechanism to improve performance


One of the new features designed for the second hand tourbillon RM 50-02 is to almost absolutely eliminate the initial beating from the chronograph second hand. In addition , the roll-out of a new generation of second-hand assembly means that by minimizing the friction in the motion and eliminating the inertial jump of the chronograph fingers during stopping and establishing, the energy consumption of this purpose can be reduced by about 50 percent. This is achieved through study focused on the work of the used arm. Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon price


Operation: Press the press button on the right side involving 4 o'clock, the user prevents the minute hand to read the actual intermediate time when using the timepiece. Press the button yet again and the second hand will rejoin the chronograph to prepare for measurement.


Torque indicator


This kind of indicator provides information about the pressure of the mainspring, which improves the timing function in the movement. Below 53 dNmm, the spring is considered way too loose, while above 68 dNmm,

Excessive planting season tension may adversely impact the operation of the mechanism and can endanger the operation on the mechanism. (These indicators look on the digital area next to 2 o'clock).


Function indicator


In a manner similar to a auto gearbox, the function sign allows people to see the gathering, neutral, and pointer placing positions when pulling out the particular crown. Each position is usually indicated by a pointer with 4 o'clock, showing the below functions: W (winding) : N (neutral) - They would (pointer). swiss replica watches


Balance wheel along with variable inertia


This type of balance wheel makes certain higher reliability when it is afflicted and during assembly and disassembly of the movement, thereby having better timing results after some time. The indexing is taken away, so 4 positioning anchoring screws can be used for more precise along with repeatable adjustments.


Quick spin barrel (6 hours per revolution, not necessarily 7. 5 hours)


This type of barrel gets the following advantages: periodically lowers the sticking phenomenon with the internal spring, thereby drastically improving performance, providing an outstanding clockwork delta curve, in addition to having an ideal power reserve suggestions performance and regularity percentage


Progressive recoil bucket


Flow allows significant winding get (approximately 20%), especially at the start of the winding. It also helps evenly distribute the internal stress of the mainspring. replica watches luxury


Wound the teeth and third wheel pinion with central involute page


Wheels which has a center spread profile plus a 20 ° pressure perspective can more effectively promote running motion, compensate for differences involving centers, ensure excellent torque transmission, and significantly boost performance.


Flip time setting mechanism intended for watch case


Provides the following advantages for product life and maintenance: Since the component is definitely installed outside the movement, some time setting component can be altered without affecting the reliability of the bottom plate through possible failure or repair. Installing and removing typically the module from the back is not going to require removing the palms and dial.


Grade 5 titanium spline screws for bridges


This allows better charge of the torque applied to often the screw during assembly. For that reason these screws are not afflicted by physical operations during construction or disassembly, and can be long-standing well. replica watches online


other functions


- Movement dimensions: 32. 00 x 30th. 40 mm


- Thickness: 7. 87 mm

- Tourbillon diameter: 12. 30 milimeter

- Balance tire diameter: 10 mm


- Number of treasures: 37

- Harmony wheel: GLUCYDUR with only two arms and 4 fixed screws

- Rotational inertia 10 mg. cm2, lifting angle 53 °

- Frequency: twenty-one, 600 A / they would (= 3 Hz)

- Hairspring: made by elinvar Nivarox

- Shockproof device: KIF Elastor KE 160 B28

~ Nickel-free Chronifer barrel lens barrel (DIN x 46 Cr 13 + S) while using following characteristics: stainless steel , antimagnetic - suitable for tempering 

Chopard MILLE MIGLIA MENS Steel Copy Watch 178511-3001

19/03/2020, 04:39


Hand in hand, the new Chopard LUC timing returns


Smaller and even better than before, but still with the same high quality manufacturing movement.Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale


The smaller case, more modern design, and chronometer-certified manufacturing movement inside; the new monochrome Chopard LUC Chrono One Flyback has a lot to love. Not to mention this model is made of steel, although it is limited to 250 pieces. Given that previous iterations only worked for precious metals-and larger housings-I wouldn't be surprised if this new flyback chronograph proved to be popular. We have a chance to try it out recently. This is what we think.



You may or may not remember previous iterations of LUC Chrono One Flyback. Here are some basic backgrounds for comparison. As I mentioned before, these styles are only available in precious metals, such as rose gold or rose gold, and offer more traditional styles. Think of the Roman numerals dial, two-tone color scheme and 44mm case. Very nice watch, but to be honest, my taste is a bit strong. This latest version takes many of the same design tips and immediately lowers their tones.Discount Replica Watches


First, the stainless steel case has a smaller, thinner wrist, 42mm x 13.42mm (previous model 44mm x 14.06mm). On paper, these sizes don't seem to be different, but they do make a noticeable change on the wrist. In any case, it is still not small, but the proportion of types of semi-dresses that can be matched with this watch is better. The short ears and leather strap mean that the case grips the wrist comfortably and sits flat.


As with earlier precious metal versions, all upper surfaces of the case (including the bezel, lugs, and buttons) are highly polished, while the middle of the case is treated with vertical satin brushing. The bottom cover is a mix of two finishes, and the highly polished internal flange is hand-engraved with the words "Chrono One Flyback" / "Limited Edition 250". Although you will notice that each model is not individually numbered. The case is water-resistant to 100m, not that I think you would wear this swimming watch. Of course it can be on board, but less in water.


Back on the dial side, things are very low-key and elegant. It is very different from earlier models bordered by fancy bezels (especially the rose gold version). At the bottom is a slate grey dial with a hand-made vertical satin matte surface. Despite the monochrome color scheme, it changes from bright to dark depending on how the light is captured and provides sufficient contrast.Shopping replica watches


Cheap Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale 168566-3007 watch for sale

Item Type: Replica MILLE MIGLIA Watches
Case Material: Titanium,Round
Brand Name: Chopard
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 43.00 mm
Thickness: 11.43 mm
Dial: Black
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Band Material Type: Textile strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date,Power Reserve
Model Number: 168566-3007



In previous versions, the color of the chronograph was contrasting, but here, Chopard cleverly used rhodium plating for the sub-dial ring. Although low-key, it is equally legible and complements the rhodium-plated hour markers and 12 o'clock numerals. The hour and minute hands are the Dauphinefusée type commonly found in the LUC series and are coated with Super-LumiNova. The rhodium plating gives everything a high degree of polish, which is incompatible with the gloomy tone of the dial. According to the convention of this model, the date is displayed through a window between 4 and 5 o'clock, which I believe will break some feathers. It does add functionality, and the black background means it blends perfectly with the dial.


Inside the movement is the well-known LUC 03.03-L movement, which is characterized by multiple patent developments by Chopard. This is the same movement used in earlier versions, and it is really beautiful. It consists of 359 parts, entirely manufactured in-house by Chopard, and has been independently certified by COSC as an astronomical clock. Automatic winding movement, skeleton rotor 22k gold, power reserve 60 hours.BREMONT JAGUAR MKIII Replica watch


As the name suggests, it also has a flyback function, which means you can reset the counter to zero with a single click to measure a short time quickly and continuously. The movement is decorated with a bridge with the Côtes de Genève theme, which is pleasantly finished. If I have one criticism, it is that there is too much text on the bridge. I understand why Chopard wants to convey all kinds of technical information, but I don't think it is necessary to spell it out here. However, this is only a minor problem, and it definitely won't affect my use of this watch much.


Wear on a slate grey alligator leather strap lined with brown alligator leather and closed with a polished stainless steel folding clasp. Overall, this Chrono One Flyback watch is very good looking and is a popular product launched by Chopard. It reflects the fact that Chopard's LUC watchmaking department is vertically integrated. This means that you not only get a high-quality manufactured movement, you also need to get the entire watch manufactured, assembled and finished in-house.


And, if the slate / black color scheme is too understated for your taste, you can also choose a khaki green lacquered dial. Designed as a sports option for both, it is housed in a housing made of Titalyt®, a material widely used in the aerospace, aerospace and medical fields. This means that titanium is lightweight but has enhanced hardness and abrasion resistance through electrical plasma treatment. This case has a green tone and is fitted on a double-faced brown calfskin strap. According to Chopard, it uses military regulations and colors, but if I'm honest, it's a bit difficult for me.richard mille rm 022 tourbillon aerodyne


15/01/2020, 05:12


Breitling EXPOSACE B55 YACHTING has impressive technical details

Although I admire the ticking of the balance wheel and the subtle differences between the pallet fork and the escape wheel, and with the lifting angle and 1 micron tolerance,Breitling EXPOSACE B55 replica watches,all this does not always excite me. Presented in basic action. It's amazing how it works and how it's conceived, but when it's industrially packaged and has an impressive chronograph function, I will have a hard time owning a clock with timing.

The astronomical clock-certified SuperQuartz movement is still an underestimated type of quartz movement. This movement takes advantage of thermal compensation, especially carefully selected quartz crystals, to achieve incredible timing performance. The daily exchange rate accuracy of COSC-certified mechanical astronomical clocks must be between -4 and +6 seconds, while the maximum deviation of COSC-certified quartz astronomical clocks is 15 seconds ... one year. In the Breitling Exospace B55 Yachting Manual, Breitling passed all COSC tests and actually manufactured them with tighter tolerances, and the maximum acceptable rate deviation was only 10 seconds. Up to 0.027 seconds per day. Of course, there are more precise watches, such as the incredible Citizen 0100 (high on my wish list), with an accuracy of one second per year, but Breitling offers many features not available to citizens.

Breitling EXPOSACE B55 YACHTING Bluetooth function
Speaking of which, the B55 belongs to the Breitling networked watch series. Used in conjunction with the Breitling application, it can occasionally synchronize time (starting from the reference time of the phone, so it is more accurate as a watch) and allows the wearer to adjust the watch Integrated functions. , Such as timer, second time zone indication, alarm, etc. In addition, the watch can also display the basic notifications of the phone: the watch will ring and vibrate (you can choose one or not, and only show mute). Incoming call notifications and phone calls. This puts Breitling among the small clubs of luxury watchmakers in Switzerland who have created and successfully maintained a series of connected watches, which in itself is worthy of recognition.

That said, this feature does exactly the same thing as all other Bluetooth devices I've ever experienced: not great. The main cause of the problem may be that I have never used a Bluetooth connection on my phone, so it is turned off 99% of the time. If you are a phone user who has always turned on the phone to use with other devices (your car, home speakers, other devices), I hope the watch will not have any connection problems, and you may have no problems with me.Breitling Bentley replica watches

Like I said, I keep Bluetooth off, but sometimes the app opens itself without me asking and trying to connect to the watch with my wrist. What I want to say is that it even turns on Bluetooth on the phone even once a week or every two weeks, and then opens the application. Strange. Then, sometimes, if I manually turn on Bluetooth, open the app and want to connect to the watch, it will not be able to establish a connection, so I need to disconnect and reconnect in the app. The process takes about 20 seconds, but it is still annoying. In my experience, this is definitely a typical Bluetooth problem-but hey, maybe it's just a problem with the curse of Bluetooth and the like.

To be fair, even after I haven't connected the two for a long time, the application and watch work perfectly in most cases. When they do, they make it easy for me to set DST (Daylight Saving Time), set backup alerts or adjust primary and secondary times while traveling. The application enables me to select the city I want to go to and I can switch instructions between the main time display and the secondary time display with a single touch of a button, switching my home time to the secondary display, with hours and Display in the minute hand and basic time settings to indicate the time at my travel destination.

Breitling EXPOSACE B55 YACHTING has proper watch functions
The good news is that without notifications, no function of the Breitling Exospace B55 can be used without the application, just through the two displays, the crown and the two buttons on both sides. In fact, the B55's system is a tactile and visual pleasure. Even more obscure changes may require some guesswork to determine if the putter or putter performs the task you want. In other words, I'm convinced that Bluetooth connectivity is useful for some people-I use it when I travel, and nothing more-but beyond wireless Mallarkey, there are plenty of Breitling tool monitoring features.top luxury replica watches

The crown system of these Breitling Professional watches works somewhat "satisfactorily." Although the crown is free to rotate and has three pushers and a magnetic charging port, the Breitling Exospace B55 yacht is 100 meters water-resistant, giving the wearer peace of mind. If you have never used these features before, follow these steps. Breitling Professional watches rely on two parallel screens above and below the center of the dial to display menus, submenus and their respective measurements, such as local time, auxiliary time zone, alarm status and time, chronograph lap and chronograph. Measured value, timer countdown time, and their respective settings (for example, if the timer vibrates and sounds a beep, or just one of the two).

There is no lack of nerds (watching nerds) details. The second hand ticks accurately and perfectly in harmony with the advancement of the second hand on the lower display. When the hands touch the new second hand, the display jumps. When the second hand reaches the 0, 20, and 40 second marks, the minute hand advances by 1/3 increments. The seconds, minutes, and display all hit the end of the hour at the same time – I'm sure that when the seconds represent the end of the minute, I'm not the only one who hates the minute hand in the middle of the minute hand on the mechanical watch.



Double-click the integrated button on the crown to stop the hour and minute hands. The time indicated by the hour and minute hands will be 09:14, or the opposite time will be 02:46. This is a neat feature designed to move these pointers away when you absolutely need the legible readability of both displays when watching some yachts. Another timing function. Double-click the crown again and the hands will slide backwards to indicate the correct time. Press the crown three times to lock the crown and two buttons: This is done to avoid accidental changes to time or other functions, such as stopping the chronograph.replica watches for sale


The Breitling Exospace B55 yacht has certain specific features for sailors, especially those participating in regattas. I don't know anything about this, but I've delved into it in my Yacht-Master II article, so if you're a novice but from a watchmaking perspective (for example, what is a regatta timer) Attracted by it, please read "Yacht Master II" hands-on operation here. The B55 yacht took many steps. You can easily determine the wind direction with the arrow above 12 o'clock and the two-way rotating compass bezel. From there, the windward angle can be determined. On the + 45 ° and -45 ° dials, there are two arrows that read the average (or classic) wind direction and starboard angle on the bezel. Two additional scales of +/- 40 ° and +/- 35 ° have been added for ships with better windward angles.


From the perspective of inland watch enthusiasts, this is a well-designed and truly hidden watch, some of us will see this charm. Like Rolex, it tirelessly repeats how Daytona became a racer's tool, which is a more realistic and interesting method because it has a timer and a speedometer circle that you can't actually use or even Use them. Seeing an ordinary car, let alone racing. In contrast, the B55 yacht has a large backlit display, a touchable lockable putter, a parkable hand, and a sturdy B55 yacht (unlike the silky, feminine Daytona), which makes it more authentic , Honest tool-so, in my opinion, this is more respected and enjoyable,


The three core differences between Breitling Professional watches are as follows (except for the presence or exclusion of Bluetooth connectivity mentioned above). First and foremost is the type of display used: the Exospace B50 and Exospace B55 watches use larger, and more importantly, backlit displays, Aerospace Evo and Emergency (at least one). They use smaller, non-backlit screens. The larger display is very easy to read day or night, rain or sunlight. After pressing the crown, both displays will illuminate for an adjustable time-up to six seconds, which is the correct approach (unlike G-Shock's disappointing three-second long and dim backlight) . Another ingenious detail is that if you press the crown to light up the display and start rotating the crown to find or use a different function, the display stays on until you are done. You don't need to open it every six seconds.Richard Mille RM 61-01 Ultimate Edition Yohan Blake


The second significant difference is that Exospace B50 and B55 models (such as the Breitling Exospace B55 yacht) rely on the crown and two buttons for all functions, while other models only use the crown (also can be used as a button). Needless to say, the extra buttons leave room for extra functions and adjustments. I especially like to switch between the main time displays: when displaying the local time, you can choose between week number, month-day-year display, day of the week and text by pressing the push-up button. The full date looks good, while the hours, minutes and seconds are displayed on the screen below and the three main hands.


The third difference is power. Exospace B50 and B55 watches, as connected watches, require more power and need to be charged more frequently than the similar products of the unconnected Aerospace Evo and Emergency, which requires the service center to replace the battery every two years. For testing, I keep the connection feature on on this B55 (so it always wants to connect to the phone, as anyone who regularly uses this feature would like), and I use the backlit display multiple times a day . Wear your watch every day. Thanks to the use of an advanced Bluetooth low energy connection, the energy consumption of mobile phones and watches is kept to a minimum.


With an automatic watch, I swear that in these two months I will spend a disproportionate amount of time to reset the time and end the stopped movement (with a power reserve of 2-3 days), which is better than I set the B55 Much more time has been spent on it. charger. Speaking of which, Breitling provides chargers for chargers made in Japan with all the different plugs for different sockets around the world and a proprietary USB charging cable. You can plug the USB end of the cable into any ordinary laptop or other wall-mounted phone charger, and the watch charges quickly-from zero to full in less than two hours.


Breitling said that this 410mAh battery can be continuously charged 300 times, or it takes about ten years to replace it. I recommend that you carefully protect the charging cable with its custom round magnetic end connected to the magnetic charging port on the left side of the case. The magnet is very weak, and it can be easily removed even if you carefully move the watch, so it is best to put the watch down, connect the charging cable, and let it stand for charging. Rotate the crown to see the accurate battery display, which allows you to check the percentile power at any time while wearing the watch-the app will also display the power when the watch is connected. If charging your watch every two months or so is too much trouble for you, then you really need Watch Butler.HUBLOT Classic Fusion Gold Crystal


Many of them will be linked to the previous point of entertainment. Fine workmanship and expensive details are the foundation that underpins the fun (if any) of any luxury watch. As an extreme but pertinent example, this is why Konstantin Chaykin's Joker excels-its market value is about 2.5 times the retail price.


The same goes for the Breitling Exospace B55. In real life, it looks more expensive and more detailed than Breitling's stock image. In the real world and on the wrist, this watch is just like any mechanical steel or titanium watch made by Breitling. It is real. The core is of course the dial, which stands out from the blocky, satin-finished titanium. Its decals appear at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock, and when the Breitling logo (and another type) on the counterweight of the second hand lights up, it lights up. The crystal has no cheap reflections (I'm looking at you, Panerai) and offers a crystal clear look. In this regard, this is my Spring Drive chronograph. I started to appreciate the difference in the "resolution" of the mirror. I can say with my Nikon D810 that this Breitling crystal ranks among the better high-end crystals because of its clarity and sharpness.


The purpose of all of this is to ensure that this watch looks well-crafted and expensive at close and distance. Of course, it doesn't wear too much cosmetics like the "Seiko" I mentioned above (for example, polished hands and multi-faceted hands), but it's much more refined than all those boring black and blue lacquered dials-on the mark on. The decals in the four "corners" (I know it is on a round watch) will produce some crosshair effects, adding alignment and direction to the dial. At the same time, their surfaces can be reflected in black (dark), white (bright), or similar mirrors (many small details are reflected back).HUBLOT Spirit Of Big Bang Rainbow


The four polished titanium notches on the bezel are destined to be hung on things from the first day. It is true, but their letters are still intact. I also like the screws fixed to the outline of the frame, and the tiny B etched somewhere along the way. It is also strange how far the thin finish of the case and bracelet without the smooth edges on the lugs or links can go. Although I will appeal to everyone with honesty, this method will cause the surface on the case to form a deep, sharp, bright polished surface (such as Zaratsu polish), but in this price range, most watches All have regular machine-polished edges that completely set my pants on fire. Therefore, I really appreciate the facial expression of the B55 very well (and added) to its personality.


I have been wearing the Breitling Exospace B55 unless I have another watch to review, at which point I want to switch between the two. I also wear four times a week in the gym while exercising, precisely because I am curious about its wear and affordability. I must say that everything is fine except for some expected wear. The buckle, crown, bezel and buttons are all great. Despite the lack of a tool-free fine-tuning strap, the only obvious flaw I found (I mean, Breitling!) I managed to find a good and comfortable fit that would keep the watch safe at work and not Let it wear off too loosely for everyday wear.


Although it is very comfortable to wear and looks beautiful on the wrist, the B55 is thick and wide. This is one of those watches that I don't think will look good in a smaller display (who knows, maybe I will be surprised), because its large and warm gray appearance is an important part of its characteristics . That being said, its width is only 46 mm and its thickness is only 15.25 mm, which cannot win the hearts of everyone. The acceptable weight balance between the case and bracelet and the lower total weight balance the magnificent proportions. When the wrist is contracted, the watch will only swing above the wrist (because of goodness knowing other reasons), but because of the integration of the bracelet and the design of the case back, the watch can sit firmly and comfortably.Audemars Piguet Replica watches

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