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Save Music Tracks from SoundCloud

02/02/2018, 10:12

There are so many amazing audio tracks on SoundCloud and royalty free music that you can add them to your video: https://soundcloud.c...ree-audio-loops

Since there's no download button on some of the tracks and here's related solution to help you: http://www.videoconv...soundcloud.html

Or you can check this section to save the files that are tagged with "Free Download": https://soundcloud.c...s/free download

And more free music streaming and download sites: https://www.thebalan...wnloads-1356648

Share with you.


Download Country Music

12/01/2018, 06:28

Speaking of country music, I would think of Taylor Swift. I like her most songs and listening to her audio tracks again and again. There are so many resources over there and I have downloaded them on apple music or you can catch Taylor Swift songs mp3 download from other sites.

Also, SoundCloud contains much country music: https://soundcloud.c...-music-official

People like SoundCloud and sharing music resources over there frequently and users can save some of them to devices if the albums are tagged with “Free Download”. 


Apply a Suitable Makeup by Some Tutorial Videos

05/01/2018, 07:35

Wearing a right makeup is important in some situations, like the interview. But how to apply an appropriate makeup? You can join some makeup training class, but this will cost you a lot.

If you do want to spend that money or prefer to put on the makeup by yourself. Here’s one simple method: following the online tutorials. And some gurus like sharing their makeup in the form of video. And this is more intuitive, if you want to watch them freely, you get them download to your device: http://www.videoconv...o-download.html

Add Subtitles to Download/Local Videos

29/11/2017, 23:17

Sometimes you would like to add subtitles to your movies or videos and there are so many related methods that can help you with this. You just need a useful subtitle adder to help you:




Actually, there are many online subtitle adders and desktop subtitle adders. The desktop one I’m using will help me download online videos and subtitles and embedded captions to the videos easily.




Some online subtitle adders are easy to use. You just need to upload the video and subtitle then they will help you. I know a browser extension named “substital” is capable of inserting captions to online videos. That’s awesome.


Catch YouTube VR Videos and the Free VR Video Players

29/11/2017, 07:34

There are many ways to catch YouTube videos freely. You can take some online video downloading service, browser extension, or desktop video downloaders to help you. And some useful tips for you:




Different people like different ways to save online resources, there are so many alternatives on online downloadings:




Some of you like watching VR videos; you can get so many resources on YouTube. And the above ways will help you save these VR videos to your computers or other devices easily. We have fixed how to get the VR source, now we need to find some VR video player to get the great viewing:


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