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Show a message when checking a checkbox and show another message when

16/09/2017, 03:52

I'm fairly new in Javascript/AngularJS and want to play around with it to learn/understand these languages. On the Angular website there's a little basic to do list script I want to change a little. I've changed it into a checklist of things I need to learn. When i check the checkbox I got a little msg like, 'well done!'. But when I uncheck it, the same msg pops up and that I want to change in something like, 'you sure?'.
Another thing that will work for me is you won't be able to uncheck after checking the checkbox. 
I've spent several hours on looking for the answer but couldn't find the answer so I hope someone can help me figuring out how to do this. This is my code:
Thank You
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making JavaScript math logic ; or another programming language that

16/09/2017, 03:51

So i got this problem on my project
Input_1 : start value
Input_2 : end value
Range 0-10 ; output 1 each increase
Range 11-20 ; output 2 each increase
Range 21-30 ; output 3 each increase
Range 31-40 ; output 4 each increase
So when i input 
Start : 9 , end : 11 it should print 3 (1+2)
At first i used if and double && but it only works between two range like the example above ; if i input something that contains 3 range like 9-22 ; thebif doesn't work anymore. 
So yeah , I maybe asking too much but any help will be appreciated ! 
Or share this problem maybe someone knows how.
Thank You
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What if a framework changes?

16/09/2017, 03:45

it keeps being changed, causing my code to stop working. So far as I am aware there are no notifications or warnings being published of when this is going to happen. Even if there were, I don't want the bother of having to keep handling the changes. So it seems the solution for me is to copy the whole source into a new file onto my domain so that it can't be changed (or can only be changed by me), and referencing that rather than the original file. Is that the right thing to do? If so, should I do it for all my external references, like jquery? I'm puzzled because it seems to be the standard thing to do to just have an external reference, but this approach seems to be very inadequate.
Thank You
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Please help me to add javascript code to expand/collapse content

16/09/2017, 03:35

I want to add expand/collapse javascript code to the internal pages of my website because they are too long and doesn't look user-friendly.
As I'm not a coder I have no idea how to do it. The biggest problem is that the site is custom written so I can't use any plugins. The best way is to apply a code wich will fold the content after curtain length of all pages. 
I have no idea on what system the website is written but here is an example page:
As you can see the page is too long and doesn't look good. I will be vary happy if you can guide me on how to add this javascript code myself.
P.S.: I have admin panel and can edit pages/posts so if you can give me some code to apply directly on the pages content that will great.
Thank You
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When to start preparation for CSS?

15/09/2017, 07:39

Knowing that you have very little time left, you are liable to put in extra hard work. This might click and success may knock at your door out of the blue.
Even if you fail, it matters little. To take an initial step is the most important thing. You have gone through the experience of taking CSS Exam and you have learnt quite a lot about it. Out of the three chances the first one that you have availed should be considered as trail chance. The second attempt will then be your target chance. The hard work that you have already put in is carried frontward to the next year which can send your merit through the ceiling provided you continue to work hard regularly and consistently.
If you don’t follow this advice the fear is that next year too. You will be wavering and dragging your feet in taking the first step. You will again get closer to the examination and suffer from the same excuse of being short of time.
Adopt this “Trail and Target” strategy for the preparation of the examination even if you have plenty of time at your disposal.
Thank You
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