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#1072107 Ascaso Dream and Encore grinder shot question

Posted by davidcave on 17/08/2017, 09:26

Hi all, 
Hi all.
I recently purchased an Ascaso Dream, which came with pressurised baskets, which slightly surprised me in what is a relatively high end machine. Anyway, the shots were pretty consistent, regardless of the coffee used, but had a kind of fake, creamy taste. They ran through pretty quick as well, 20 seconds max.
To get a more authentic taste, I purchased the brew head modification kit, which came with an unpressurised basket. Using the Baratza Encore grinder, I'm finding this has to be on the very lowest setting to get the double shot to pull through in 25-30 seconds. Should this be the case? Reviews I have read suggest the setting should be on 5? Also, the basket is so deep that the correct amount of grounds, when tamped only seems to fill the basket around 60 percent. Does this matter?
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