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Drop Jordan Cool Grey Is Very Much Back

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Posted 01/02/2018, 09:05

Oh yes, the very interesting colorway introduced almost two decades ago is now back upon its revival in Air Jordan 8. In case you haven’t heard yet, this shade had it’s debut in 2001 being featured in Drop Jordan 11. This hue once again took the collectors by surprise the following year with AJ 4 sporting the same grey look. If you can check out the latest retro pair of kicks, you will see a mixture of cool grey and wolf grey colors embracing the upper. You will also find some white accents on the tongue and midsole to better adorn these shoes. Staying true to its minimalist inspiration, you might want to wear your bright jersey for a contrast.
Collectors will surely love the history behind the Air Jordan 8 Cool Grey sneakers featuring the heel tabs indicating 1993. For those who are wondering, it happens to be the year when Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96 was introduced to the world. Oh, it was also the same year when Michael Jordan brought three-peat wins to the Chicago Bulls. The winner shoes are also stamped with the Jumpman logo on the tongue and another one on the forefoot portion of the exterior sole. You can also see another one from the opening of the shoes etched on the interior sole. The phrase “Air Jordan” is also spelled out on the straps of the shoes above the side panels. Isn’t it interesting that MJ’s number “23” is also found on the strap resting on the lacing of these new Jordans?
There’s more to the adidas NMD Singapore that meets the eye with its functional design perfect to keep your performance over the top. Apparently, the minimalist shade complements the highly functional design of the shoes. The lockdown straps are meant to secure your footing in anticipation of high-tension games on the hard court. A high-performance game deserves a high-performance pair of sneakers to optimize chances of bringing home the bacon. It offers not only decent cushioning but also decent traction to keep you safe and comfortable while giving your all into the game.
The most up to date Cheap Air Max Release Dates 2018 list. Our Jordan Release Dates page gives you the latest and most current details about the date, price, and style code for all the upcoming releases.2018 is the 33th anniversary of the Air Jordan . Never miss another new Air Jordan release dates ever again. Stay with sneaker news for the latest and most accurate releases 2018…

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Posted 28/02/2018, 11:43

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